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  1. Smsp 26th September?

    Anyone here going to SMSP track day next monday?
  2. Nissan Heritage Parts Program

    Think its smart business sense for the company, if your older cars are still moving people will potray them as a reliable brand. Great for us guys, i try buy genuine for standard parts. The youngest s14 would be pushing 19 years old now.... The cost will be the decider naturally. Im in the trade so its not AS bad.
  3. Recommendations on intercoolers

    I bought my s14 with a big cooler (680wx330hx70d) and 3 inch piping from turbo to throttle body already fitted. Ive replaced the stock turbo with a GTX2863 and supporting bits, it always struggled with being a bit lazy down low and struggling to get more than 330kms out a tank with easy driving. Tuner said piping shouldnt be more than 2-2 1/4inch and run a smaller cooler and will help with both issues. Would running a smaller hot side be worth the effort? Leave cool side 3 inch just to help flow?
  4. Doesnt appear to use a common model (camry/celica) discs which is strange for toyota. Thanks for trying.
  5. How about prices on a toyota caldina st246 gt4 n spec front and rear discs? Standard, t2 slot and x gold Thanks
  6. Sr20 sumps

    Hfm - ive had to rewelded all welds twice. Took a heap of silastic to seal agaisnt block. Gave up fixing,letting it weep. Steer clear.
  7. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    Bought a welded version from a local seller, had no choice but to weld it up again.....and again... fkr still weeps. Do yourself a favour and water test it before installing. Fill it to the brim slowly ( so you dont get a misleading wet spot ) and leave it over night.
  8. Fuel consumption

    S14a, gtx2863, 740s, internally stock, haltech ecu, 220kw@ wheels. Reputable tune shop. Wide band gauge shows 14.4ish on warm idle and about the same highway coasting. Full throttle have seen high 11s/low 12. Only can manage 300 around town not driving it hard, at best 50ks more on the highway. Is there room to play to get a decent amount of kms out of a tank, like 100kms??
  9. what helmet you guys run?

    Hey all, Looking at doing some more track days and want my own helmet instead of renting track ones. Im leaning towards a open face just to help with air flow and field of view. Also they seem to be smaller, my head usually taps the trim on the roof with other helmets ive used. Im 181cms and drive a s14a. What style/brand do you guys run and why? Good and bad points.
  10. what helmet you guys run?

    MCA in auburn.
  11. what helmet you guys run?

    I ended up getting a closed face AGV K3, i tried all the cheap ones and thy were to big externally. Got it for $180, more than i wanted to spend but it fits,looks and i fit in the car with it on way better than the cheapies.
  12. what helmet you guys run?

    Closed is probably the way to go just so i get more use out if it at karting like you said. Gena take the car down to the bike shop and see if theyl let me try some on sitting in the car...
  13. what helmet you guys run?

    The cheapest helmet is saw was about the $60! Heaps of technology in that one....haha
  14. what helmet you guys run?

    Yeh went there yesterday and the RJAYS STURGIS fit best of the cheap ones ($129). Not 100% sure if it had the right sticker tho.
  15. WTB s15 front bar and bonnet NSW

    Hi all, Looking for front end bits after a accident. Ideally blue but any colour will do. Needs to staright and no damage. Want to buy this weekend. Live in castle hill but will travel for the right price and condition.
  16. Sr running rich Masterace/tarago conversion

    Check power (for atleast 12 volt) and earth wires for breaks/shorting. My s14 had the same issue with the o2 not cycling, it had a bad earth in the loom for it. I just ran the earth wire for the sensor to a bolt and it all stared working. Like everyone is saying, when it wasnt working driveability was ok just used a bit more fuel.
  17. Sr running rich Masterace/tarago conversion

    The o2 voltage should cycle up-down-up-down continually between 0.1v to 1.0 volts. Unless cold, itl be stable till it warms up.
  18. s15 break upgrade option

    How come no does the r34 gt-t front calipers? Same size caliper but longer tabs for 310mm discs. Think theyre alloy as well.
  19. s14 boot lid - sydney

    Hey, been looking but haven't found a decent boot lid for my s14a. Ideally I'd like it to be white, without a wing and the holes that go with it. If that can't happen then a straight unmolested example will have to do. Don't need the centre light garnish either. Live in the hills and willing to travel. Thanks Tony
  20. mega silvia sale plus recaros bride and more

    Have you got a decent condition s14 boot lid? Prefer wingless and no holes from a wing.
  21. Changing s14 steering rack

    Get a rack out of a s15, same thing but different inner/outer tie rods. Just swap them over.
  22. Overheating problem!

    When its showing near hot, are the in and out hoses of the radiator both equally hot to touch about half way up each hose? Yes- its flowing so not thermostat. No- thermostat or worse cases blocked radiator or no more fins on the pump.
  23. Ive been hunting for series 2 rear pods at acceptable price. Locally and thru jessestreeter.com it was going to be a $400 exercise. Pods are worth as much as a complete bar so hard for me to justify.
  24. My 1998 S14

    I had to double take, looked exactly like mine when I bought it . Haha let me know if you wana sell the front bar...
  25. http://www.skylinespares.com/ heaps of s15 gear